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Originally Posted by socalorado View Post
His entire body of work shows an elite player who easily plays 3 downs at MLB, no problem.
He won't be playing 3 downs running a flat-footed 4.8 forty...that's guaranteed. Now, if he can run in the 4.6's at his Pro Day (at 240), like he says he can, then he will be long gone by #28. It's a catch-22. I love Te'o's production...but if he can't be a 3 down LB, then there's no reason to take him in the first. Guess we'll find out more at his Pro Day.

Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
If you think that a MIKE is only going to see 35% of snaps on this team if he is a legit prospect, you are kidding yourself. Of course 65 year old Keith wasn't on the field last year. For Christ sakes.
The Broncos are in Nickel 65% of the time. Drafting a great Nickel CB would be twice as valuable as drafting a good MLB.

Who would you pick in the 1st round between Manti Te'o, or DeAndre Hopkins? Tough question isn't it...and one that's likely to present itself if things stay the same. Keep in mind Hopkins singlehandedly beat LSU in the bowl game, when they knew Clemson was going to throw it to him repeatedly. Double-move city baby, 4.57 forty and all.
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