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Originally Posted by Play2win View Post
I'm not sure how their measurables compair, but to me Te'o strikes me a bit like Teddy Bruschi. Guys that could shift weight/Athleticism depending on scheme, didn't seem overly explosive/dynamic but were big and solid enough to get the job done, and were football-smart– they seemed to always be at the right place at the right time.

You would look at them and think, they don't look like they should be THAT good, but they were and almost alway got the job done.
Thats all i am sayin.
Look at the whole body of work, the instincts, the insanely high athletic ceiling, the football knowledge. The guy is always making plays, and always in the right spot, at the right time when his team needs him.
We all know that the Georgia-Bama game was the Natl Championship.
I just cant blame Te'o for the loss to Bama. He might as well have been playing with a Pee Wee team.
I get the whole, "Pile on the guy cause he had some weird, odd interwebs addiction that he needs to come to term with cause he is after all just a kid" thing. I get it. But jeez, as a football player the guy is just a flat out beast, and would improve DEN immediately in big ways.
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