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Originally Posted by Tom G View Post
If those stats make Bell a stud, what would you call an RB whose college career stats are:

26 College Games: 573 carries, 3,243 yards, 5.7 YPC, 36 TDs. 33 catches, 338 yards and 2 TDs receiving.

Answer: A 21 year old (his age today) Denver Broncos RB drafted last year in the 3rd round.
I think Bell and Hillman would be a tremendous combo. It would cause headaches for defense across the league. They are not similar players at all. Hillman was playing against teams like Cal Poly, Navy, Air Force, New Mexico State, UNLV, etc. putting up those great numbers. He did solid against Michigan, Missouri and Wyoming -- but the first two teams weren't good when he played them. When he faced real competition: (really only twice -- Boise State and Utah) -- he didn't perform and he left a lot on the field last year.

I don't ever think he will be a feature back in the league, but maybe I'm wrong. We need thunder to Ronnie's lightning.
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