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Originally Posted by socalorado View Post
So your sayin that with Jack Del Rio and John Fox as his coaches, Te'o just cannot play 3 downs in the NFL?
Both coaches have turned chicken poop into chicken salad at the LB position for years, making nobodys into pro bowlers.
But theres just no way a guy like Te'o, who already is considered one of the best LB prospects to come out of college football in years, can lose the 15 LBs he was told to gain to play in the ND defense this last year, and play 3 downs competitively with JDR and JF coaching him.
He has 1 bad game. On a team that had no buisness in the Nat Champ game, and hes crucified.
His entire body of work shows an elite player who easily plays 3 downs at MLB, no problem.
I'm not sure how their measurables compair, but to me Te'o strikes me a bit like Teddy Bruschi. Guys that could shift weight/Athleticism depending on scheme, didn't seem overly explosive/dynamic but were big and solid enough to get the job done, and were football-smart– they seemed to always be at the right place at the right time.

You would look at them and think, they don't look like they should be THAT good, but they were and almost alway got the job done.
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