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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by socalorado View Post
I am never shocked when i read similiar stats about Champ Bailey.
Usually its a really good reason that a CB that is considered a 1st round lock
doesnt have insane numbers. Like no one throws his way.

A four-year starter, Trufant earned his way onto the field as a true freshman in 2009 and showed steady progression over his career. He set career-bests in 2011 as a junior with a pair of interceptions and 16 passes defended, but decided to return for his senior year. Although his senior stats weren't as impressive (1 interception, 9 passes defended), teams mostly stayed away from Trufant's side of the field as he was easily the top defender on the Huskies' roster. While he needs to refine his technique and is far from a polished product, there is no question he has the fluidity and competitiveness to fight for a spot in the first round.
Plus, he played a ton of Man coverage which is not as conducive to INT's as the player usually is playing trail technique, versus biting on routes in zone like Asante (overrated) Samuel. Samuel routinely gets Burned when he has to play man coverage nad especially press man.

You top INT CB's are usually Zone system and watching the QB, not Press man CB's.
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