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Originally Posted by Blueflame View Post
Lori was entirely responsible for the Rick/Shane showdown, as she kept sending mixed messages (one time she'd insist that the baby was Rick's; but then she had the private meeting with Shane where she hinted that it was Shane's). The flirtatious way she behaved in that meeting with Shane was an overt "come-on" rather than what one would expect from a married woman who was trying to cool things down with her still-enamored former lover after finding out she wasn't widowed after all. And Shane wasn't mentally or emotionally stable either... the setting up of the plot to kill Rick (and lay the blame on the young kid they were holding in the barn) wasn't the action of a sane man. Shane gave Rick no choice; it was kill or be killed and that fact was spelled out to Andrea when she asked about Shane.

The fact that Rick & Lori's marriage was in trouble from the first episode of the show... then she slept with his best friend almost instantly after being told he was dead, which ruined Rick & Shane's formerly-close friendship... and was in frequent conflict with Rick throughout her pregnancy... makes the whole "seeing Lori's ghost" silliness seem even more absurd. Maybe if they'd been characterized as a devoted, faithful, working-together-as-a-team married couple who always had each other's back, the "Rick is insane after losing his wife" angle might have worked somewhat. As it is, it's just annoying and unrealistic from the perspective of them being barely on speaking terms in their last interaction before her death. It would be far more believable for the kid to be acting crazy with having to shoot his mother after she "turned".
The ghost deal is a manifestation of Rick's guilt that he wasn't on good terms with Lori at the time of her death, not because he misses his loving, faithful wife so much. I think you have to look at it from that angle.
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