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At pick 16 in the first round of the OM draft, the St. Louis Rams are proud to select:
D.J. Fluker, RT, Alabama, 6’5”, 339

Tall, long, thick right tackle prospect with huge hands and a solid (not sloppy) build. That pure size gives him the power to collapse the edge to create running lanes. Defensive ends must be very quick off the snap to beat him on their initial pass rush move because of his length and hustle. Has improved his anchor against bull-rushes, wide base and length make him tough to move. Flashes footwork to reach linebackers at the second level, who can’t separate from him once he locks on. Shows some bend for his size in his stance, can get low to cut-block on quick passes and in short-yardage situations.

Gives up too many secondary rushes, lacks recovery speed to stay in front of his man if the quarterback holds onto the ball. Must get his hands up more quickly to sustain blocks, both in pass protection and in the run game. Quicker players in space can avoid him if they see him coming. Loses his balance regularly when overextending towards his target, often ending up on the ground. (NFL Scouting).

Comment: One of those rare times when BPA and greatest need coincide (IMHO). I keep reading how Jeff Fisher never has taken an Olineman in the first round and doesn't need to because he prefers to develop his own players and he has one of the best Oline coaches in the league in Paul Boudreau, but I don't agree in this case, and I don't think Les Snead would either. At some point, you have to think of protecting your QB. The right side of that line is a mess, and if Jeff Fisher intends to keep emphasizing the run-first mentality, he better get himself a RT. I just got him the best one in the draft.

Pick made at 8AM Mountain Time.

Saints and Drek are on the clock.

BTW, that's a pic of DJ in high school.

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