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Originally Posted by errand View Post
My conceal carry piece is a .380.....small and compact, holds a 6 round magazine (7 if you keep one in chamber) and has 3 safety's. Bought it off a buddy who decided to get a .40 cal for $100......included case and box of 50 rounds on top of the 6 in magazine.

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Thanks errand . My father who is like 74yo , ex military , who has his concealed carry permit also carries a .380 kel-tec and he said that's all I would need as far as a good CC gun. And in case someone was to walk in on you in your house from your chair to the door would be plenty strong to do what you needed.

A couple people I mentioned this to acted as if he was wrong and I needed a stronger gun , but I figured the old man who used to teach people how to shoot the BAR before these guys was born knew what he was talking about.

But it's still good to hear some reinforcement on the fact the .380 is plenty.

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