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Bmore Manning

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Obviously Jackson is the ultimate prize. I like Reqs 3 year $15 million proposal. McGahee and Moreno account for $6 million against the cap..

This may not be the popular opinion but I think Moreno is average at best..Sure he's solid in pass protection, but he doesn't possess homerun explosiveness and he's not a power back.. Moreno cannot stay healthy.

McGahee also cannot stay healthy, and he's similar to
Moreno but better in his ability to get tough yards..

Ivory would be interesting in that he has homerun explosiveness, and has some ability to fight for tough yards, but he's not a bruiser. His pass protection and ability to catch out of the backfield are unproven...

Jackson to me can do it all.. He even can hit the long homerun.. He's great in pass protection, his hands are soft, his ability to fight for short yardage is great. Imagine him motivated to win and on a team where he's not the focal point of defenses.
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