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Originally Posted by The Rick
...I sure hope I don't see any of you trying to jump back on any bandwagon if this trade for Alex Smith works and we make the playoffs in the next couple of years.

If you're going to make your bed like that, you should have to lay in it. Talk about overreaction.

You'll all come back, eat crow, and state how wrong you were if time proves this was the correct decision, right?

I'm not overly excited about the trade...especially the compensation. I'm leaning towards the opinion that it's not a good trade, but I also recognize that there's a reason Reid/Dorsey get paid to do this stuff and I don't so I'll wait for the results of their decision before I start spouting off and making a fool of myself.

**** YOU. I'm done. Done with this moronic team, and done with moronic blowhards like you.

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