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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
Which ones, specifically?
Healthcare reform, hostile towards energy producers through the EPA, high taxes on the job creators, lack of corporate tax reform and a new territorial system, a failed stimulus giveaway mostly to his union masters, poor leadership in the world when it comes to Libya, Syria, Egypt. Now he wants to raise min wage which is also another horrid idea that would hurt our economy and force more low wage earners onto the govt rolls. His on and off again energy policy in the gulf of mexico where he stopped them from drilling, then sort of let them start again, then stopped them, then sort of lets some open. Just a mish mash of policy that lost jobs. More regulations at the FDA which lead to higher food prices. The tax on medical device makers which is the worst idea of the whole healthcare reform. His stocking of the NLRB with union cronies who then attacked jobs in right to work states. AND THEN THE BIGGIE RUNAWAY SPENDING!
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