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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by Chris View Post
Why is everyone so certain McGahee will all of a sudden suck this year? Or is just that Jackson is straight up better?
I don't think he will suck. He was doing well until he got injured. So he had a few too many fumbles, he'll fix that. I actually like him on the team but I like the idea of adding a Jackson or Greene to the mix, along with Hillman and Moreno. I like what these guys bring. Just more safety by adding a high quality back to our stable. I think Jackson is a little better then McGahee for a few reasons. He's faster and bigger, that's a deadly combination. I think McGahee has better vision and feet but Jackson breaks more arm tackles and is probably a bigger threat to take one to the house. He would be your starter, with McGahee and Moreno getting plenty of time and Hillman still working into the mix.

That's one way to go. The other would be clean house at RB and draft 2 more guys and go with them and Hillman. Big risk to take when you have that small 2 year window with Manning. I'd have McGahee and Moreno take pay cuts, sign a Jackson or Greene for a good price and work with those 4 guys the next few years. Of course, as I said before, spend a 5th or 6th pick on a back and see what you can find, you never know, you might just find the next Terrell Davis.
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