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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Rascal View Post
I drafted him, but it still makes me want to puke. Yes he is a good player, but we still have holes at SS, MLB, DT, RT/G, RB, and slot WR. At some point, need outweighs value.
Holes are relative, as are draft positions to fill holes. Value is in the eye of the beholder. You draft players who fit what Your team wants to do, when they are not reaching for need.

Basically, no way you draft a safety in the first in this draft if you need one, because there are starters available until the late 4th. WR's as well, especailly slot WR's as there are 10 guys who will compete from day one to play in the slot in this draft.

Mike has value from the late 2cd to the fifth. DT is the deepest I have ever seen at all three real postions of UT, NT, and 3-4 DE. The DEN mold run stuffers are all over the 3-4 rounds in this draft. I am excited you got one of the top 3 CB's though, no better players were remotely available when you selected and this kid will be a Probowler IMHO or better. Love his competitive nature.

From your list of needs there are 4 players likely to be there at 58 who will compete from day one (this excludes the TE's, since you are not buying it, even though I think its a huge mistake if either are there):

In order of BPA

Deandre Hopkins WR
Kevin Minter MLB
Markus Wheaton WR
Dallas Thomas OL
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