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Peyton Hillis

Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
What's the story on Jon Bostic from FL? He's run the 40 as fast as 4.48 and he averaged like a 4.61 at the combine. He's got good size too. What is he, just dumb or something, does he not interview well? He's the prototypical 4-3 MLB in height, weight and speed.
Bostic might turn out to be a very good pro. He has pluses and minuses like all of this year's ILB crop.

From watching a few Florida games in 2012 (which had a really good defense this year), it's sometimes hard to tell chicken and egg. Do other players help him look better? Does he help others look better? One thing i'll say is that if you watched any Florida games, you definitely noticed him being a big part of their game. He makes plays and hits hard. As a matter of fact, i'll say that he sometimes plays "too mean" and really tries to drill people (which sometiomes leads to bad form or missed tackles). I thought I remember him making some stupid mistakes like punching people and drawing personal fouls at one time or another. Has a bad-ass attitude.
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