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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
So who you going for in the 1st Req? Still Cyprien? I have Cyprien 32-40. Good commentary for the last couple months on the kid. You guys called his rise before it happened.

I really want to reach on a 4.3 CB at #28, but having a hard time justifying that over taking Barrett Jones (or Lacy). Still gotta figure out how to improve the Nickel somehow.

I know you like Kawann Short too. I dropped him down a little. It's tough to figure out what to do there (at 28).
It is still way too early to have this conversation with any real validity. Draft boards are still in flux, despite the media driven Internet boards that rely on way too many factors that have just now been answered at INDY like Medicals and Interviews too be accurate whatsoever.

That is why I put together a board of players I like and then start looking at what Others are saying Later. I NEVER look at big boards until 2 weeks from now. I refine my DB evaluations by what the speed numbers, not just 40, but 3 cone and Short Shuttle are after I graded that on tape. If they match I keep the grade, if they do not, then I go back and get even pickier.
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