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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
So who you going for in the 1st Req? Still Cyprien? I have Cyprien 32-40. Good commentary for the last couple months on the kid. You guys called his rise before it happened.

I really want to reach on a 4.3 CB at #28, but having a hard time justifying that over taking Barrett Jones (or Lacy). Still gotta figure out how to improve the Nickel somehow.

I know you like Kawann Short too. I dropped him down a little. It's tough to figure out what to do there (at 28).
I want defense. Rhodes/Trufant would be the guys for me if they are there. I like Cyprien in a trade down. I still like Minter.

I love Short, but not in our scheme. What he is best at is not what he would do here.

Do not want any part of a RB at #28.

I think this is gonna be a riduculous draft. a lot of pick swapping and suprises.
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