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Nate Irving

Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
I've said this about Amerson and Banks. Two corner prospects who I see switching to S in the NFL. I see these guys in the same mold of Antrel Rolle and Malcom Jenkins who ended up having to go the same route to salvage their NFL careers. Both those guys were high picks and I doubt Banks is going to follow suit with them. I could maybe see him going to a desperate team like the Patriots @ the end of round one, but I believe that is his ceiling now as far as position. Banks played S early on in his career and did well there as a freshman.. He looked stiff in the drills, and so did Amerson (to me anyways -- not good hip flippers), despite the latter having a good corner time for the 40.

Banks also had a terrible year and was beat CONSISTENTLY. In three games I watched of him this year I had him down for ~ 20-22 targets, allowing more than 60% of them to be completed and getting burned for 3 touchdowns. He does not have great recovery speed. I don't think his game speed is that great and running a 4.6 only makes scouts wonder more about his next level ability when that was one of his biggest "?" entering the combine.

I've talked to fans from his team who say that he has been nothing of a disappointment and say he is very overrated. 2012 was nothing compared to what he did in 2011 and 2009 in the last half of the season ['09 is where he became a starter at safety]. (Remember him eating Tim Tebow's lunch?) It is nice to run into people who have seen more of him and can give him a non-biased view of his play. Jarius Wright (back in 2011) also was able to get the best of him with his speed and quickness off the line in his best season at CB and Wright was not a high round prospect.

These guys can play corner in a zone scheme, but won't be playing much man to man in the NFL. They have no recovery speed to be press man guys. I just think their skill set transfers better to corner in the NFL. Of course, that is just my personal opinion. I'd be very surprised if either succeeded in man schemes, but that is my evaluation based on their drills and play the last two seasons when it mattered most.

Banks didn't improve this year, he got worse. So did Amerson -- whose standout opportunity against the Vols led to him ****ting the bed completely.

I may be right -- I may be wrong. Only time will tell. I feel good about my board at DB and my assessments of prospects. Nobody here is going to match up the same. I can tell you that I have a guy in my Top 5 at corner who has NOT been mentioned by more than one or two guys here as a legitimate starter at the next level. He played for a big school and had a fantastic year, much better than guys like Banks and Amerson, whom are likely to be higher on people's boards. I want to see players improve each year and get a better grasp for the game, but with those two I just didn't see it.

A lot of people wondered why I traded a decent ship of picks in the OM draft to move up to get Vanderbilt's Casey Hayward at the top of round three last year, but he ended up being a boss baller for the Packers this year. I'm fine with my opinions and it is all right for anybody to disagree. Inferno and I are polar opposite on Elam, and MUG and I have gone back to Broncos forums for a decade discussing certain prospects and for a long time did not agree on much. I was laughed at for advocating backs like MJD and Ray Rice coming out of college because they were small and undersized. Arguably two of the top five backs in the NFL for the past half decade.

That is why I bust my nut early in most drafts and go for guys I think can make an impact right away. I cannot pretend to know and have boards of 500+ prospects to evaluate. I can't sit around waiting trying to take players I have never seen play. I can't just trust other people, I have to feel good enough with my own evaluation to like a player. My board is not McDaniels short, but it is not huge like some posters have said theres are. I am very particular about the people I go after and can assure you that my board will be half the size of most everyone elses. I'm fine with that too.

C'est lallaosidvsdio!

David Amerson at FS is a great idea. He is an awful corner, but give him a chance to read a QB jump a route, and you have the next Ed Reed.

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