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Bmore Manning

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Let me point a few things out..

He plays Faster than he ran. He's not an explosive athlete, he's actually quick, but as the distance increases his speed doesn't, he lacks top end speed. But he can PLAY sideline to sideline! And he has incredible instincts, soft hands, and an incredible tenacity to make a play. What MLB is going to have to run 40 yards? He did well in the drills and all his tape minus one game (though it was a big game) is impressive.

I think Med mentioned that Notre Dame ran a different defensive scheme this year from what I gathered on tape. He was in a more traditional 4-3 Mike role last year and before. This year was more elements of being a 3-4, and while we run a hybrid scheme and players always have to adjust, again one bad game all season and in a new scheme is pretty good.. Not to mention, you scheme for a month on how to pound the ball and get Warmack, Jones and company to the second level. They dominated Nix who will be an NFL starter at DT/NT one day. The whole Notre Dame defense looked weak.

Some of you need to dive deeper sometimes.
If he's there @#28 I HOPE he's a Bronco..
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