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Pat Bowlen

MyMind, I got your rep about my leaking spoilers for the comic. First, I wasn't trying to spill the beans. It actually came up several pages ago so the cat was out of the bag. Second, there are already huge differences between the comic and the show. For example, Carol and Tyreece have a relationship on the farm. And sophia doesn't die or become a zombie. And the Dixon brothers don't exist. Rick should have already lost his hand. Will he lose a hand? I have no idea.

I suppose something could be said for those who are reading the comic, so I'll try not to divulge too much, but I don't think it's a "spoiler" pointing out differences from the comic. I honestly have no idea if Rick is going to lose his hand or any appendage or organ. I don't believe theorizing he might because of what happened in the comic is a spoiler though, since I honestly have no idea. I do apologize for divulging the comic, though. The Game of Thrones thread has a bit of overlap and people are more careful in that one, so I understand.
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