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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Matt Elam **** the bed.

Xavier Rhodes cemented Top 25 status.

Johnthan Banks is going to have to move to safety after running int he 4.6.

Darius Slay boss hogged on candy.

Marcus Trufant is a sure fire first rounder after running in the 4.3s.

Jordan Poyer had a good time in the mid 4.4s.

Ditto. Rewatched the combine last night after work, and basically Req has nailed it. Although Banks wont go to FS. He will come back at his Pro Day and run a faster 40, and go in the 2nd round. He blew it though.
Trufant like i have been sayin for MONTHS is a 1st rounder. Everyone laughed (except MED) when i made this statement, but hes just a plain baller who's fast as hell with awesome measurables.
DARIUS SLAY- Boss-fricken-hogged-on-candy the combine!! REQ nailed that! Owned it. Could even go in the top 40 picks. Would not suprise me to see him gone by the 5th pick of the 2nd round.
Rhodes simply had a really good combine, and again another guy i have been advocating to get at #28. 6'1" 210 and ran a 4.41. Pfft, Are you kiddding me?
Poyer did what he needed to do, and will be long gone by pick 50.
No safety should go in the 1st. The best safety in this combine and a guy who was awesome in the drills was Shamwowko Thomas.
Dude was awesome and looks more like a Bob Sanders type player with serious skills than Matt Elam ever could. Elam pooped the bed, and then pooped himself. Not impressed, and guys like Shamarko made him look even worse.
Earl Wolfe from NC state. Dude was awesome and looked really fluid in the drills. Comfortable, and relaxed he owned the combine, and should be looked at in the
3rd round. Guy was rock solid.
David Amerson also ran well, and is impressive. But hes a FS. The guy looked just terrible in the drills and is truly stiff as a board. Flat footed. Elam is heavy footed as well. Slow to make plays on the ball. Amerson will go to a team like STL in the 2nd round and be a FS.

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