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Originally Posted by Dr. Broncenstein View Post
Good luck buying anything semi-automatic right now. Double that for ammunition. But if you want a ruger 22 semi rifle, you can't go wrong with a ruger 10/22. If you want more options, you could get an AR lower reciever and a .22 cal upper. Later on if you want an actual AR15 get a 5.56 upper and mags.

Sweet , that's what I keep hearing about that Ruger 10.22 so I figure I will get one of those along with whatever I figure out as a good pistol to practice with.

I was thinking of going with that beretta cause then I could use the same ammo with both for practice and I read good things on this 22, and it looks damn cool ... heheh. and you can turn it into a long gun as well.

I really had my heart set on a kel tec pmr 30 when I first stumbled onto them.
a handgun that holds 30 rounds of 22mag. and is just over a pound loaded.
But my god its a 400$ gun and people are wanting 1k for it now.

Thanks for the reinforcement that the Ruger 10/22 is killer tho Broncenstein

Edit , and my god I can't type on my nexus7 to save my @$$...
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