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I'm going to rant for a sec , so I'll open by saying sorry if
TL/DR... :O) .

But ok for starters I'm like 37 years old and have only fired a gun twice in my life , but am now wanting to buy one ... So if anyone has some opinions on that "fire away" heheh.

But I have 0 issue with the ones wanting registration and trying to make sure "iffy" people as far as mentally don't get guns.

I DO HAVE tons of issues with those saying we should do what some other counties have done and ban all guns. With their reasoning being stuff like Sandy Hook wont happen.
That's just crazy.

Hell we could wave a magic wand and make all the guns in the world vanish tomorrow and stuff like Sandy Hook could still and would still happen and you could build a gun if need be.

Heck a sicko could run in at lunch at a school and beat 10 or 20 of them to death with the bullet out of a 50cal. before anyone stopped him if we magically remove all the guns.

But anyway I just find that crowd that thinks that if we remove guns crazy won't still find a way.

Anyway someone suggest some good first guns that won't break me.
I guess I want either a semi auto rifle or a semi auto pistol for first and then get whatever I don't get first as my 2nd.

Was thinking of buying like a 22lr ruger rifle , and something like this beretta 22 pistol for practice .
And get used to cleaning and taking care of a gun and then buying something nice in a semi auto handgun for defending myself if needed like a 380 or a 9mm.

But any gun nuts that this wasn't tl/dr have at that , any help would be cool.

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