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Trey Gowdy

We're not coming for your guns. We just want "sensible reform" as per the recommendations of Joe Biden, the head of the gun safety task force. You know, the guy who literally recommends brandishing and recklessly firing a two shot warning from a double barreled shotgun.

We will start with a more aggressive version of what Fienstein gave us last time, and add universal background checks and national registration. This sensible start will have no effect on firearm homicides, as the only people who comply with these laws will be law abiding citizens. After this sensible start fails to prevent the next Sandy Hook, and has no effect whatsoever on handgun related deaths in places like Chicago.. we will again find ourselves in need of more sensible gun reform. Except this time we will have a list of law abiding citizens to target. We will also have a background check system in need of improving.
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