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Originally Posted by canadianbroncosfan View Post
Well they did lose their starting goalie because of cap issues.

They also unloaded Byfuglien, Ladd, Campbell, and Brouwer. Sorry I'd call that a bunch of key pieces.

They've got lucky in the sense that both Crawford and Emery are playing AMAZING this year. Having draft picks like Saad and Shaw actually pan help makes the future look bright.

I just Toews or Hossa don't get lost to injuries like they have been in years past.
good pieces, still not their core and their starting goalie was seen as replaceable and it was well known that Crawford was likely to be the next man up due to potential cost cutting.
if they would have had to deal away Keith,Seabrook or Hossa then yes it would have been a huge deal and part of their core. the other pieces were solid but not so important that it changed the future of the franchise.
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