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With the 6th pick in the 2013 NFL draft the CLEVELAND BROWNSselect BARKEVIOUS MINGO

DE/OLB 6'4" 241 lbs 33 3/4" arm length 9 5/8" hands

Was back and forth with a few DE/OLBs and after Mingos combine its hard to pass up his potential with the 6th. Jarvis has health questions and Jordan is off the board. The browns clearly lack alot of things and a pass rush is toward the top of that list. Playing a 4-3 the last couple years, Horton has already made his mark by declaring a defensive switch to a 3-4. With mingo running a 4.58 40, 37 inch vertical jump, a broad jump of 10 feet 8 inches, he has all the measurables of making a transition to 3-4 OLB go smooth. During drills he displayed athleticism and quickly moved around the field, practicing with balance and flexibility. Mingo was run through a battery of linebacker drills, and he was flawless. The Browns will benefit with a solid pass rusher who can make an immediate impact opposite Jabaal Sheard.

STRENGTHS: strong and explosive pass rusher who projects best as a stand up, weakside edge rusher in the NFL. Incredible first step off the snap, can turn the corner on the outside and shimmy inside against tackles. Strong player setting the edge against the run. Not afraid to man up against tackles, Extends his arms to keep distance and can get off to grab backs trying to get through the hole. Takes TEs backwards to the ground using his length and footwork. Works through blocks to get down the line to chase plays. Overrall length and agility make him effective in coverage. Can stay with RBs out of the backfield and wrap up recievers in space. Excellent straight line speed. Uses length to disrupt passes a la JJ Watt.

WEAKNESS: very lean player that is unlikely to grow into every down DE. Needs to shed more consistently to prevent plays from getting outside of him. Long legs get in the way spmetimes when making precise changes in direction. Often gets too focused on scrapping with his blocker instead of watching the ball in the backfield. Great player off the snap of the ball, but tends to allow the tackle to recover because he lacks a move to disengage.

NFL COMPARISON: Demarcus Ware.

Sorry I don't have a pic as I'm posting from a phone.

pick was made at feb 26 8:20pm PST

The Rev is now on the clock.
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