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@SWhyno: Holtby on Semin: "If he decides to play, he could be the best player in the world."

Semin just is what he is. A tremendous talent but today was exactly what is maddening about him.

He wanted to score badly but he was so hesitant and he just started shooting from the perimeter and the caps were hell bent on blocking every one of those attempts.

I would say Brouwer and Erskine basically intimidated him from buzzing around the net. I was surprised that the Canes didn't really step up on Brouwer.

If there is one good thing that could come out of this season it's Adam Oates. The guy is a top notch hockey mind and when they trust him, they look pretty solid. Lately, the caps have been trusting Oates systems it seems.

They have outworked every team they have faced since that pens debacle with the exception of that lazy effort in @NYR.

They still need to reel off a 4-5 game win streak but at least they are taking it to some opponents recently.
That surprised me too, as much as I respect Brouwer for saying it, I'm not one of Semin's current teammates. I would've lit Troy up if I was on Carolina.
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