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The 2nd amendment was installed because the founding fathers had just fought for their freedom from a tyrannical government......which also explains why the Constitution limits what the government can do....not us.

They saw the potential that government could be corrupted by power and turn a free nation into an oppressed one....and that's why they said the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. arms they meant whatever weapons we the people wanted. But I doubt even the most ardent guns right advocates would argue for a rocket launcher or suitcase nuke likes some douche on here thinks we want.

Again....plenty of ideas to limit what kind of guns law abiding citizens can own, and how many rounds of ammo....still haven't heard one idea to limit what criminals can have. Perhaps you liberals should solve that problem first before you worry about what I own or don't own.

Disarm the criminals, not the citizens they prey on.......

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