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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by srphoenix View Post
Curious as to what everyone thinks of Asomaugh at this point. It seems like he went from best in the league (better than champ or revis) to being a cast off in like 2 years. That's a historically bad drop in cb play over such a short amount of time. I don't know if he would be a good fit for the Broncos or anything but I can't believe that he is bad enough to be released off a team.

What happened to him?
Speak for yourself. I never considered him better then Revis and he may have been slightly better then Champ at certain things with Champ being older then he was but I think Champ in his prime was much more well rounded then him.

Who knows exactly all the reasons why he is slumping. Maybe he's just not super motivated with the team he is on and the style of play. I imagine a trade will happen. They don't want him anymore and he doesn't want to be there.
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