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Originally Posted by Rascal View Post
You don't always talk to people you intend the draft. It's a game, and every GM plays it.

You don't pay the $$$$$$ we are paying Champ for him to cover a possession WR.

You put your best players on the field. Bailey, Harris, Trufant (if we draft him in my scenario), and Carter are our best secondary players. Only scenario to get all four is if one, Champ being the most logical, moves to FS. It also gets rid of one of our biggest liabilities. Frankly, I'm not seeing a negative reason.
To be fair, when I have mentioned that in the past, he was taking a pay cut to be our #2.. He should be taking a pay cut period..regardless if he's playing FS or CB. I don't like him at SS, which I hear mentioned as his safety spot where people want to see him play..
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