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It's believable that someone could say we thought by studying the heads, studying zombies we could find a cure. So that could explain that part for Andrea to hold on that the Governor isnt a lunatic. She's only now figuring out that the Governor probably started the confrontation with her old group. But in the old group her friend Shane got killed by Rick so she isn't probably convinced Rick is always telling the truth.

Also the reason for Merle taking Glenn can be explained that he is crazy and wanted to find his brother. Governor can sort of not take full responsiblity for that either.

Woodbury seems like it could work to Andrea and IMO her behavoir isn't that hard to understand.

Tyrese got introduced a little different for the comic storyline. I think it's almost a 100% certainty he rejoins ricks group at some point and becomes a co leader of the group. Rick probably still hasn't fully snapped and when he does the Governor is going to wish he had never ****ed with him.
Good point on Rick killing Shane probably threw her for a loop. Her and Shane were close, her and Rick uh not so much.
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