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Nobody is arguing that Warren's injuries should be blamed on Elway, but it's silly to suggest that Elway is not at least partly accountable for the signing not panning out. Warren might not be 'injury prone', but Elway signed him as an old and damaged player who was no longer wanted by his former team. He took the risk, so it falls on him.

I don't really care because it all sorta worked out in the end, but Elway is the guy who made that decision.
Again who cares if Warren panned out or not? I don't get the arguement here.

Denver signed what 10 FAs last year and two did not pan out and these two have little cap ramifications. Move on nothing to see here. Tell me one team that hits on all their FAs. I do not even understand the arguement. Elway has done a fantastic job selecting FAs so far.
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