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Originally Posted by Rascal View Post
I drafted him, but it still makes me want to puke. Yes he is a good player, but we still have holes at SS, MLB, DT, RT/G, RB, and slot WR. At some point, need outweighs value.
I think you did the right thing. We don't have a #1 on the team after Bailey retires. I still think Harris is probably best as #3 corner, but was very proud of him this year. I think Bolden's limit is #2 and Carter is a sub-package guy. Trufant is probably going to start somewhere this year and if was drafted by Denver, he might even impress enough to do that. I know I sound like a broken record, but we are four deep at corner right now. One his a sure-fire HOF who is still playing at a high level. As a Noles fan, I'm proud of Carter's play but he definitely isn't a world-beater. We don't know about Bolden yet and Harris is a good player. You need to be five deep at corner in this league. You just added a dynamic player in the draft to the squad!

IMHO -- the value wasn't there at S, RT/G or RB. That can be had 2-4. You could have rolled the dice in Minter (will probably go to BALT) or have taken a guy like Jesse Williams (who is a good player, but as you can see the Broncos are focusing on NT who are much bigger and probably have better value to the team based on their round of selection).

I think you can still come away with great guys with the slate of picks we have at positions of need. Now that you took Trufant, the DBs are going to roll of the board. I can think of a half a dozen teams in the top half of round two who DESPERATELY need help in their secondary.

You were ahead of the curve.

Way to go!
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