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Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
I like how people are hating on the writing and Tyreese, they'll just feel a little more foolish when Tyreese joins Rick's side after his group finds out the dirty little secrets of the Governor.
You could just sack up and call me by name since I'm the only one who has mentioned him. And I didn't hate on Tyreese. I did say it was unfortunate they turned him around. I think Tyreece going to Woodbury was, in terms of writing, one of the more logical conclusions. They find the prison and Rick comes off as bat-**** crazy and tells them to leave. Then they find what appears to be a stable community that confirms their experiences at the prison - that Rick is crazy. I suppose if they find out what a tool the Governor is they could turn it around, but why they would flee back to the prison is beyond me.

My beef with the writing is how stupid Andrea, and her whole situation, is.
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