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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
They're obviously setting things up. That said, Andrea is ho. And they look like they are going to ruin Tyreece. It's a shame too, because one of the best characters from the book, and an ally for Rick, is going to be relegated to cannon fodder for the governor. I'm still not sure what they are doing with Michonne. I thought her confrontation of Andrea was good, but I wasn't a fan of how they reacted to Andrea and Andrea's whole deal with the governor makes her almost unbelievably stupid. I can believe that she really believes in Woodbury, and maybe even believe that she loves the Governor, but after seeing the jars, his daughter and then hearing what happened to her group, and that the evidence is pointing to him being a liar, she's either incredibly stupid, incredibly broken or the writers just want to string that out.

I hate bad writing because it takes me out of a show. I become frustrated or angry with why a writer chose to make someone do something a certain way. Or worse, I remember they are people and wonder if they were out smoking weed or getting drunk and mailed it in on that script that week. I mean everyone has had a week at their job they didn't do their best work. Writers are no different. Unfortunately shows that are really successful sometimes can fall victim to bad writing because they can get away with it.

Hopefully whatever they are setting up is worth the set up.
Nice writeup, I am looking forward to next week for sure. I am holding out hope that Tyreese is still actually working for Rick's group? Unlikely I know, but I would like to see some new leaders stay in the crew. I just wish they would focus more on both groups having to deal with the walkers- going on runs, etc, rather than this huge prison vs. Woodbury war they are building to.
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