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Originally Posted by spdirty View Post
Justified is pretty damn good. Watching Raylan and Boyd go round and round will never get old for me. Then again I like the old John Wayne/Clint Eastwood type of characters. The chemistry between those 2 just makes that show a fun ride.

It's kind of like a modern day Deadwood, just since it's on FX it has to be PG-13. Would be kinda cheesy but IMO friggin awesome if they would bring in Ian McShane to be a supervillain for a season.

As far as TWD, Rick is really getting on my nerves. This crap he's going through is going way too slow. He needs to shlt or get off the pot as far as the team leader goes. And i hope they gradually make Merle more likable. I want to like him.

But for me what saved the episode was the pet zombie trick. That's so funny. When watching that with my family I always say "Oh I want a pet zombie. Honey, if the world goes to hell like this, can I have a pet zombie?"
I loved that too. I kept thinking, why not line a bunch of those guys up as your front line chained together and just move through the forest?
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