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Originally Posted by socalorado View Post
I have seen just as many saying that Vaccarro is a bit overrated, and will not sniff anywhere near the top of the 1st round. Elam has NEVER been considered a true 1st round talent. Some goofy hype about him because hes the same size as Bob Sanders.
I see team needs trumping alot of these Safeties, and there will be a run on them in the 2nd round. Also, the reason i see Thomas going ahead of them is he actually plays faster than he is and is a monster INT machine, that has a knack for getting to the ball. Thats all. Check his stats.
I'm familiar with Thomas's impressive stats. The reason he isn't rated higher as a prospect is because of his mediocre speed and athleticism. I like him as well and think he has a chance to exceed expectations as a pro because of his instincts, but my only point of contention is with your statement that he'll be the first safety off the board. There is almost zero chance of that happening. Vacarro will go in the top 20 whether you think he's overrated or not....that's a near lock. He may go higher depending on need, but safety is generally not a highly valued as other positions. And Elam has been moving up boards (Kiper has him #25 on his Big Board, for instance), as he should be. You've never seen him play if you don't understand why anyone would be impressed with him. There's more similarity with Bob Sanders than just size.
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