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Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
I can only conclude you haven't watched much of Elam in actual games if that's your opinion of him. Dude can lay the wood and is very good in coverage, makes plays, is constantly around the ball. Only thing Vacarro has over him is superior size. He's easily the 2nd best safety in the draft and we'd be lucky to have him at #28 or later.
You conclude wrong. I'm a diehard Noles fan and am big on ACC country ball. I follow all the big Florida programs (despite Gators not being ACC) closely because of the recruiting proccess associated with high school. I like to see the talent that comes out of the state. I've watched Elam the past several years now and have not been that impressed.

He needs to be paired with a FS who can cover a lot of ground and cover it well because he cannot cover the deep back well. He is a hell of an athlete, but is not fluid in coverage. His hips are stiff (if you saw his combine drills, it would reinforce that) and he takes bad angles. (Hence my heavy foot comment in regards to breaking on balls.) The dude is a big hitter, but he lays the big hits because he is almost ALWAYS one step slow in coverage.

I don't care if he timed well, because he clearly doesn't diagnose his assignments on the field nearly as quickly. Pair that with not taking the right angles and it is recipe for disaster in the NFL. I have a notebook on my DB assessments at home and would gladly share for you instances where I had him red flagged for play in the season.

I don't want Kenoy Kennedy, Jr. on the squad getting flag after flag after flag. I admire his athletic ability, but it merely compensates for a relatively poor skill set. I do like his leadership and love of the game. That cannot be questioned. His coverage abilities definitely can.

He did not perform well in the drills today and I watched it happening live. He was getting outperformed by small school guys I have barely even mentioned who looked much better than him in aspects of his game he desperately needs to improve. I do not see any sense in drafting an in the box safety with the #28 pick. I stand by my assessment of him as a player and will gladly eat crow if I'm wrong if he makes it in the NFL.

I would not roll the dice with having a midget safety try and take on the Jimmy Graham's and Rob Gronkowski's of this league. His overaggressiveness is going to get raped by quality players.

I understand you like him -- and that is fine. I do not. I assume he will follow suit like his brother Abram. As a box safety, he is fine. Being slow to diagnose plays and taking bad angles is a huge ISSUE in the NFL moving forward. You can get by with superior athleticism in college, it takes more than that to be a great pro. Which is why I don't want him in the first.

He is not in my Top 50.

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