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Originally Posted by socalorado View Post
I believe just the opposite.
Theres no way in hell Vaccaro goes anywhere near the top ten.
And Elam isnt a 1st rounder either.
Completely disagree.
Regarding Vaccaro, that's fine, but you disagree with basically every analyst in the football world. I haven't found one that doesn't have Vaccaro rated as the top safety and most have him going the top 15 to 20 (top 10 is outside shot, agree with you there). Elam is borderline 1st round based on most projections. Could drop into the 2nd for sure, but I doubt he falls outside the top 40. I haven't seen anyone who rates Thomas among the top 5 safeties available. Don't get me wrong, I like Thomas, but he's not going to be the top safety picked or anywhere close to it.
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