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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Sorry Zona, but fakes don't count.
Definitely, tons of fakes ... I use space shots for my desktop, and the web overflows with phonies, there's a million and one of them.

I like the ones that look fake, but are real. Like this Saturn shot ... looks like a drawing, or maybe an animation or computer generated image. But it's real, got it off NASA's site.

These time-lapse shots are striking, but i suspect the second one is not entirely genuine ....

This purporting to be a real-life E.T. shot seems fishy .....

This one MUST be phony. The LEM is intact, that is, the command module and support stage are still attached. But that happens only during landing, as the lower stage is left behind when they takeoff. The Apollo missions were clicking off every few months there for awhile, so I suppose one crew could have set up a camera to be operated remotely by a later Apollo, but I doubt it. .... (how'd I do, b-steven?)
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