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Meanwhile, I think the left went wrong a long time ago trying to go after scary looking guns. They should have used the incident with the police getting out-gunned in those bank robberies a few years back as an example that it's not about what the gun looks like, it's about what it's capable of.
I guess what you're saying is Police should be able to outgun weapons that are already illegal? That means I can turn the suitcase nukes argument back around. Should Police have suitcase nukes? Why not?

There has to be some sort of standard, and I think "having the ability to shoot through a (insert standard issue) bullet-proof vest from X range" should be one of them...simply put, if a gun is capable of taking down an armed cop, it doesn't need to be semi-auto.
Yeah, the civilian should only get one shot. The cops need the extra power for important stuff like...

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