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Bench is a poor indicator of playing strength, leverage and technique plus natural strength equals field leverage to move people. The weight room stuff should be to hone their natural abilities. When you get some guys who under perform the position average on any skill you have to go back and find out why. The scouts already have a weight room report from their strength and conditioning staff in college. It tells them what kind of dedication they put forth and what attitude they have while working out.

If the report says he lifted 225 12 times last year, and he only lifts 8 in Indy you have to go find out why. However, someone who lifted 12 but hits 22 in Indy you really have to find out if they are pulling a Brian Cushing workout regimen

It's all about getting an accurate assessment of who they really are. That is because most of them are all lying about stuff somewhere. Especially in the combine preparation portion of stuff.
I agree, I even said that.. But technique can be refined and leverage learned, dedication to improving cannot... That's what I was getting at..
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