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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
Poyer benched 225 just 8 times.
Not to brag, cause there are plenty people stronger than me in the weight room, but I do 225..20 times as my warm up. I never had a strength and conditioning coach like all college programs have.

Point is, I'm always intrigued by athletes on the bench, I personally like when the time is put in the weight room and film study. You want a player who eats, sleeps, breathes, and lives football and all aspects to bring the best out of him.

When I watch those OLine struggle with 225, to me it's kind of pathetic.. And I would think WRs and CBs should be around 15 reps given 225 usually weighs more than them..not always does gym strength translate to the field, and field strength to the gym, but it's a pretty good indicator..

Mike Adams of the Steelers wants to be an Elite LT, I liked his technique at the Senior Bowl last year, but benching 225, like 12 times and weighing 300 plus pounds is pathetic. Does it mean he's lazy, unmotivated, or just not gym strong? I wonder how much scouts, personnel, and coaches hold the weight room into account? My guess is not very much..
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