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Originally Posted by Blart View Post
Grenades too.
Why are some of those illegal? Doesn't the constitution protect our right to bear arms? Our right to own a device that can mow down a theater full of humanity?
I don't know what the men who wrote the constitution would think honestly. In some ways they were very ignorant compared to society today. In other ways they were probably more learned. They thought society should have arms and the ability to organize into militias. I guess because they felt the fed govt might not be there to defend them, or less likely IMO the federal govt would need to be overthrown. Obviously hunting and protection were probably just assumed to be god given rights to the founders. Out of pure necessity right?

I don't think anyone was advocating we make grenades legal. If they are legal I imagine its not military ones, probably flash grenades or something? Rocket launchers? cmon are we really saying they should be legal? No one is saying that. Unfortunatley you can mow down a theater with almost any modern firearm because they are unarmed.

Go in with a 9 shot pump shotgun and a handgun and you can probably kill a lot of unarmed people in a mall, or school.

It sucks we can't stop it. I understand people want to be safe. can't legislate the dangers of our country away. The countries people point to that are sooo much safer then us don't compare. We are a melting pot of cultures and that has always been a volatile but powerful mix.
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