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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Why did Tampa take another WLB when they just drafted David last year? Planning to put Khaseem in the middle? Uh...
His explanation....

Ok, so I know most people will think this is a reach, and most Bucs fans won't like the pick. So I just wanted to come back and give my thought process.

First of all, I expect the Bucs to be big players in free agency again. Tampa should have around $40 million in cap room when free agency starts. I expect them to address most of their needs in free agency, and then go BPA in the draft. Specifically, I expect the Bucs will sign 2 free agent CBs and a TE (at a minimum).

So Greene is the best player available at 13? Maybe not for most teams, but it wouldn't surprise me if the Bucs are that high on him. I think Greene's stock is going to soar as the draft gets closer. Whether it's to the Bucs or someone else, Greene will be a first round pick. Greene will shine during the interview process. Ask any of his teammates or coaches about Greene, and the first thing they will say is "Leader". Greg Schiano showed last year that he wants a certain type of player. Khaseem Green epitomizes the kind of player the Bucs are looking for. Schiano knows Green better than anyone, and will make sure he gets his guy.

I've read somewhere else that the Bucs wouldn't take Greene because the Strong Side LB only plays 50% of the plays. Whether Greene is the MLB or SLB, he'd stay on the field every down, while Mason Foster leaves the field on 3rd. Greene can even play FS on 3rd down if needed. Greene has only played LB for 2 years, and his tape is outstanding. He has the potential to be a special player.
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