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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
Not a big deal on his 40 time, he is not that fast. However, he is instinctive.

Contrast Teo with Zaviar Gooden. Gooden ran a 4.50 40 but he plays slower than Teo on tape. LB's are about instincts and reading the plays, that is why Teo is a quality MLB. Is he a top 15 MLB? No, not athletic enough. However, he is late first/early second rounder just like Rey Maualuga was several years ago.

I just can not handle the fricking hype on the kid. NFLN was freaking showing him spit in Slow motion and trying to analyze his DNA during the LB portion today WHY? Because he got deceived by some idiot and stunk in his bowl game against Alabama? Yawn. And, Double yawn. So not a story, and so a late first rounder at best. WHY?
Oh, you mean he went to Notre Dame?
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