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Originally Posted by Rascal View Post
From what I remember, Beadles looked pretty good with Tebow and Clady wasn't 100% that year either.
To preface, I think Tebow got and is still getting a bit of a raw deal ... too many unimaginitive, conformist offensive coaches. But that said, it must've been really frustrating to block for him, especially for a prototype pass-protecting OT like Clady ... and apparently Franklin too, he graded the #2 pass-blocking RT. And Beadles to the Pro Bowl? Just a 2nd alternate, but that basically makes him the 5th best OG in the conference? You might say popularity contest, but most players take their voting very seriously (I remember Steve Watson yelled and almost swung at a guy who looked at his ballot ... Mike Haynes and Raymond Claiborne).

No surprise how much better the linemen are this year ... Manning might be the best ever at pocket presence and awareness, and release. Whereas you kinda never knew where TT would be.
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