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All this cut Kuper crap is getting a bit old. How many guys now have said some form of "wait, I said cut Kuper too, maybe ___ months/years ago!" It's not a badge of honor, it's self-flagellation. Why? Because Chris Kuper is you, Chris Kuper is me. He's the perfect everyman, a big lug who thawed out of an arctic childhood, looked past the experts who said he'd go undrafted, listened, learned and made it to the top. Shanahan gave him a couple of big lug kicks in the rear at first, but he kept his head down and made himself a $25 million dollar man.

Besides, even though he's been named to a few All-Pro teams, he has to go to at least one Pro Bowl, cause I have the perfect title for his autobiography: "From Alaska to Hawaii: How I traded in my arctic youth for a millionaire's life on the beach."
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