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1.01 - Chance Warmack, OG - Alabama. It goes without saying that this is a bad year for the Chiefs to be at #1. The spot normally dictates taking one of a QB, DE, or LT. But there's no QB worthy of the #1, they've already got a LT, and they run the 3-4. So...what to do? If they take Joeckel, they have to move Albert to guard, which he's adamantly stated he does not want to do. So isn't the net result the same if they take Warmack...except that they haven't pissed off one of their only good players. Plus, they've taken what many, many scouts consider the best player available in the draft. Add into that the idea that the rookie wage scale makes this a much less bitter pill to swallow, I think that the Chiefs should...and will...take:

1.02 Jacksonville Jaguars select- Barkevious Mingo de/olb LSU I'm pretty sure they are going to take a De/olb just not sure which one. I think with Jarvis Jones spine/neck they will stay away from him and select Mingo. (This pick has received criticism, not the position, but the player as most view it as a reach).

1.03 Shariff Floyd DT - Forida The Raiders have needs at many positions including DT, OL, DE, CB being the most glaring. With Seymour being a free agent and Tommy Kelly likely being a cap casualty DT is the most glaring need. I gave serious consideration of taking one of the top tackles to replace Khalif "false start" Barnes. Also considered: Joeckel, Fisher, Werner and Domontre Moore.

2.02 Matt Barkley QB- Trojans Even if the Chiefs acquire Alex Smith, Barkley is much more of a long term solution. I think he's been unfairly lumped in with other USC QBs and his last season was the aberration and his 2011 campaign is the true one. Should fit well with Reid's WCO style.

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