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Yep. Everything I've read on Bengals boards (doing my draft homework, team needs, etc.) shows that Rey is gone, Burfict could be moved to middle, but it is higly unlikely. Some fans want it, some don't. I think he should just stay at WLB and they should take their chances on a MIKE or a versatile WILL that has the capability to man down MIKE in the NFL.

Bengals could definitely land Ogletree and have shown they aren't shy about taking people with character concerns. That isn't to say I am going to take him in the draft, (but I probably am -- smokescreen/oh la la) but he can definitely play a variety of positions and be diverse for that team. If the Bengals don't take him in the first, I am not sure what team after that would hop on him. There are definitely teams like HOU, DEN, BAL who need a LB -- just not sure if their FO's are willing to take that gamble.
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