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Originally Posted by Meck77 View Post
Unrelated but I was in a bar full of green beans aka border patrol recently in Arizona. They were having a bachelor party and having a good time. I was chatting with a couple of them and I asked "Why the hell can we not protect the borders". They flat out said "Oh we could but if we did our funding would shrink". They said there are enough guys, trucks, quads, horses, blimps, planes etc to cover every square inch of the border where nobody would get through. Instead we stagger ourselves defenses all the way up into UTAH. He also said they have drones flying over and they see everything. Multi million dollar drones just buzzing over them watching them cross.

It's too bad I didn't get that video.

If Mexico truly has all these wonderful jobs baja speaks of they wouldn't be running across our border to birth their babies.

Oh and the Colorado senate just approved in state tuition rates to illegals. How does that make sense?

Colorado is really becoming an illegal safe haven.
There you go again. Apparently you don't know the difference between writing an article and posting links to one.

The real reason you have an illegal alien problem is because your corporate over lords want the cheap labor to exploit. Not to mention weakening citizen workers bargaining power.

The heyday of America is over - Sorry not my fault just being real.
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